Fire Campaign

A team of firemen navigate a building

In Fire Campaign you must lead your team of firefighters through a series of levels putting out fires and rescuing people. In your team you have Rookie, who starts every level with a full tank and is the default character at the start of each level. Then there’s Armstrong, he can pick up heavier people than his partners. And finally there’s Axel, who can break locked doors and furniture that stands in your way.

The game was developed with my brother Adrian and was our entry for the Game Maker’s Toolkit Game Jam 2020. The theme was ‘out of control’.

Jezebel and the Flame

When her potion for a witch goes dangerously wrong, local medicine woman Jezebel has to keep her husband Terrence alive as he’s been transformed into a flame. Since they don’t have much money nor wood, Jezebel has to go ask her neighbours for it. Secrets are revealed and sins are committed. How far are you willing to go to keep your love alive?

The game was developed for the 46th Ludum Dare in 72h for the theme “Keep it alive”. We used Game Maker Studio 2 with art created in Pixaki for iPad. Music was made in Reaper.

Read a bit more about the development and my experience in the Ludum Dare here.

Programming, art and design: Francisco Cañete
Design and writing: Aneesha Rai
Sound: Adrian Cañete

I wouldn't if you didn't

In I wouldn’t if you didn’t you act as a therapist tasked with “repairing” the relationship between a mother and her daughter. The game focuses on dialog choices that slightly branches the narrative.

I developed this game over a weekend for the Global Game Jam 2020. The theme for the jam was “repair”. The game was made for the PICO-8 virtual console and it can be played directly on the browser.

This is a post-jam enhanced version with new graphics and improved UI.


Footage from Arrowhead

Arrowhead is a small arcade game developed over a weekend for the 2019 edition of the Game Maker’s Toolkit Jam. The theme for the jam was “only one”.

In Arrowhead you have to reach the end of the dungeon controlling a character that has only one arrow and has to get it back after throwing it.

Arrowhead is developed in Game Maker Studio 2 and it’s available for Windows.


Alpha is a shmup prototype made in Unity. It has one full level with different enemies a mid-stage boss and a final boss, each of them with their own moving and shooting routines.

You can read about the development of this prototype in this blog post.

Footage from Alpha, a shmup prototype

Download for Windows or Mac.