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A year of gaming – Part I

Gaming is clearly my main hobby. Every year I finish a good number of games, so I thought it could be good to make a little summary of what I played in 2016. This past year it’s been quite peculiar. I’ve managed to play 21 games but I finished around 60% percent of them between the 2 first and the 2 last months of the year.

As you’ll see, I play in a lot of different platforms and all type of genres so I’m pretty sure you’ll find something on the list that suits your taste. By the way, I divided the post in 2 parts, with Part II coming next week. With that said, let’s see the list:

  • Advance Wars Dual Strike (Nintendo DS): Turn-based strategy with excellent gameplay. Dynamic but with a lot of depth. Overall one of the best games I’ve played this year. To say something bad about it, story line and characters are pretty awful.
  • Alan Wake (Xbox 360): Mixed feelings here. I loved the story and the narrative style. The gameplay is also excellent. The problem comes when you see that gameplay and story goes in different directions giving the game a lack of cohesion. If you’re not bothered by this (like me), you’ll enjoy the game a lot. BTW it’s also available on PC.


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  • Asura’s Wrath (PS3): This game is weird. It’s like watching and anime and playing some fighting and on-rails shooting scenes. My recommendation is to try the demo first and see if you like the amount of craziness and exaggeration than the game displays. I had a great time with (most of) it. Also available on Xbox 360.
  • Bionic Commando (Xbox 360): This game taught me a lesson: buy stuff from the early days of the PS360 generation if you wanna find original gameplay. The use of the hook and the mix of shooting and fighting mechanics pushes you to use your imagination to solve the situations that the game proposes. Worth playing if you look for something different. Also available on PS3 and PC.
  • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (Xbox 360): From the originality of the previous game to this. Just gonna say, if you like the series mechanics, you’ll most likely enjoy the game. At least this time the story was properly told, but it still feels like eating a Big Mac.

  • Call of Duty Ghosts (Xbox 360): Do yourself a favor and don’t play this.
  • CouterSpy (PSVita): Cool 2D stealth game. It’s simple and entertaining but it becomes repetitive pretty fast. Worth a play if you find it cheap. It’s also available on PS3, PS4, iOS and Android.
  • Dead to Rights Reckoning (PSP): Low budget action game with B movie type characters and story line. Mediocre and short.
  • Forza Horizon (Xbox 360): One of my favorite racing games ever. The game is absolutely outstanding. The open world game it’s so well designed that you can spend innumerable hours just driving around. In my opinion this game is a must play for everyone that has a minimum interest in racing.
  • Gears of War 3 (Xbox 360): Like every year since I left my country, I go back for Christmas and during those days I play a game in co-op with my brother. This year we finished the main Gears of War trilogy, and in my opinion this is the best game in the series. Impressive on the technical front, this episode is also the best in gameplay, script and art direction. A great game that you should play if you own a compatible Xbox (360 or One).

That’s it for today, next week I’ll finish the list on Part II.

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