About me

Hi there! If you’re on my website you most probably know me, but in case you don’t, let me introduce myself. My name is Francisco Cañete and I’m a Spaniard living (and working) in Dubai. I’ve been living here since mid-2013. I’m from a small town near Barcelona called Badia del Valles. I have a degree in multimedia by UPC and a Master’s in 3D Animation by Trazos.

Since coming to Dubai, I’ve been working for Luxhabitat, a real estate company where I am the responsible for their website and CRM/CMS system. Coming here has changed my life, specially since I met her. Yeah, I’m that lucky. She also blogs (way better than me), have a look here 🙂

This website is my own little corner of the world, where I can do and say whatever I want. I tried to classify things a bit. I used to write about a bunch of things but that’s all archived stuff, now I write mainly write about my life and work. Whatever you find here, I hope you enjoy it.