The clever biologist

Alienated by stupidity

My brother and I have had an ongoing discussion for years about the proliferation of stupidity on major Hollywood movies. He has the feeling that most blockbusters coming out nowadays contain scenes, characters or conversations so dumb that ruin the whole experience. Though, I agree that most of those moments are bad, I think they shouldn’t spoil the movie. These decisions, usually enforced by studios, are getting worse and more numerous every year, but they’re not new to Hollywood. Maybe because I’ve been reviewing the Alien movies lately, allow me to use this saga as an example.

The characters of Alien

After this line there are a couple of spoilers of the Alien saga

I’m gonna mention to different cases on the series, one from the first movie, and another one from Prometheus. On the original Alien movie, the infection is caused by the famous Facehugger. The character played by John Hurt finds what it seems to be a crashed spaceship on a planet where they arrived due to an SOS signal. He enters the ship and after roaming around for a while he founds a huge room full of eggs. The eggs are around half a meter tall, and when he approaches one of them, the egg opens. What would you do in that case? Of course, you look inside. The result is the following:

Come here and give me a hug
Don’t be shy and give me a hug

Prometheus is full of questionable script decisions and stupid characters, the most infamous being the biologist. At certain point in the movie, a world renowned biologist finds an extraterrestrial life form in an uncharted planet. As an expert in the field, he decides to pet the cobra-like creature:

Such a cute space cobra
The face of the stupidity

Enjoy it if you can

The Alien producers and writers have proved that you can create dumb characters for 40 years (yeah forty) and, not only be successful, but create a little empire of entertainment products. Maybe we are the dumb ones. But despite all their errors, I still believe they are good movies. They could be better, and it seems like most of the mistakes could be easily solved. But at the end this is entertainment and, though we should be demanding on the quality of what we pay to watch, we should try to enjoy it as much as we can. I will keep overlooking some minor script problems as long as the full movie satisfies me. And my brother will still get angry EVERY TIME 😛

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