Nowadays American TV produces probably more than a couple hundreds TV shows. That, unfortunately, makes really interesting or high quality shows to go unnoticed. Justified is one of those. The series follows the ‘adventures’ of Rylan Givens, an old school US Marshall who goes back to his native Kentucky, and his counterpart, a criminal named Boyd Crowder.

I don’t really remember how I came to know about the show, but I’m really glad I did. One of the main reasons, if not the main one, is Boyd Crowder. The character portrayed by Walton Goggins, is nothing short than brilliant, and it’s played by the actor magnificently. Funny enough, the character was supposed to die at the end of the first episode, but the chemistry between Rylan and Boyd was so good, that the producers decided to keep him in the series.

Boyd Crowder thinking with the Bible on his hands

But what makes the character fascinating? For me, the way he talks is a big plus. Not only he has some of the coolest lines if heard on TV, he just talks different. This half criminal, half preacher, who defines himself as an outlaw, as it we were watching a western, it’s incredibly eloquent. And, as he loves his own voice, he decorates every sentence, making an amazing use of language. Big thumbs up to the writers of the show, and to the actor. Goggins makes a great use of pauses, and sometimes emphasizes words or even syllables, making a perfect delivery, full of character.

The writers even allowed themselves to make a comment on how he talks (probably more but this one stuck with me:


Boyd not only has his silver tongue. This redneck outlaw demonstrates once and again his intelligence. That, combined his survival instincts, allows him to navigate through a world of crime and violence. Something that differentiates Crowder of the other villains and criminals seen on the series is that, despite his bad luck, he always goes ahead of everyone else. Other criminals in the series are short sighted, they’re not able to see beyond. That’s obvious specially on the ‘local criminals’. Boyd seems smarter, more educated and less impulsive.

Another interesting trait of the character is his relationship with some characters like Ava and Raylan. Ava is his brothers former wife and Boyds girlfriend (weird…). And thought it seems that Boyd truly loves Ava, there is this thing, a sense of unpredictability in his behaviour, that made me doubt of his real intentions. With Raylan there is a weird brotherly love-hate relationship that works really well during the whole series. At the end, one character can’t properly work by himself, it needs of relationships with others to build his own story.

To wrap things up, I would like to say, give it a chance to the series. Just Walton Goggins character and his performance are worth a try.


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