Snake Eater

Snakes and Nails

Like every quarter, I’m doing a little review of the games I’ve played on the previous 3 months. This time, with holidays and all I haven’t played so much, but I still have a few new notches in my gamer’s belt:

Assassin´s Creed Bloodlines (PSP)

Let’s see… I got the game just because it came on a bundle with my PSP. What to do? I liked the color. Anyway, this year I started the Assassin’s Creed saga, so I had to give a chance to this game that serves as a bridge between AC and AC2. The game tries to adapt the mechanics of the bigger entries on the series to a handheld type of game. And it does it pretty well, but the limitations of the hardware, plus the limitations of the original game mechanics is a bad combination.

Assassin's Creed Bloodlines
The game looks pretty good for the PSP

In the game you control Altair through a bunch of pretty linear missions. The developer reduced the size of the levels, making the game more dynamic, but the mechanics are still the same. The combat system is pretty bad and the pickpoketing missions are a pain. Thankfully, the game is not too long and lets you advance at a good pace. It’s not awful, but I can’t recommend something as average as this.

Metal Gear Solid 3 HD (PS3)

Finally. Even playing it 13 years after the original release, it’s easy too see how MGS3 was a revolutionary game. The introduction of food, hunting and the surgery/medicine system changes the game completely regarding the previous entries on the series. We’re talking about elements that have been introduced in multiple other games after MGS3, and I believe that even a genre like the survival games, owes a lot to Snake Eater. The game is an absolute masterpiece, though it has some things I didn’t like (there’s no perfect game). An essential game, a classic, and vital to understand videogame evolution.

Quake (PC)

Last year I started a trip through id Software history, and Quake is the third game of theirs that I played. Quake keeps alive the company’s fast paced gunplay, while going deeper into the horror-like theme already seen in Doom. The game is still really good, but I see it as a step back in level design if we compare it with the wonders of Doom II. I’d like to mention two things. First, the Trent Reznor soundtrack is really creepy, and together with the sound design helps to create an uncomfortable feel in the player. Second, today it would be unthinkable to have a game so incoherent on a visual level. Having that in mind, the game is worth a play, and I think it will keep any FPS fan entertained for the 6h or so that it lasts.

I played on a resolution of 320×200, 90’s style

As a side note, recently a found this article about the impact of Quake in the games industry. Very interesting read.

The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings (Xbox360)

Last year, Aneesha got me The Witcher 3 for my (then) new PS4. After playing for a few hours I decided to take a step back and play the 2nd game in the series first, as the story seemed to be tightly connected. Despite missing some of the improvements made on the 3rd game, The Witcher 2 has marveled me in many ways. The game world is fascinating. The complexity of their characters and plot, surprising. I really liked to play something that feels mature and complex. Though it only happens a few times, the game let’s you make decisions during the game that will alter your relationship with other characters and even change the story of the game.

The Witcher 2
The Witcher 2

The combat system is probably the weakest part of the game, specially compared with the much improved system on the 3rd one. It took me some time to get used to it, but it truly pays off if you fight with patience and being strategic. And the camera sometimes doesn’t give the best angles, specially in combats in reduced spaces. The game has a high level of complexity, but doesn’t force you to use everything. For example, you don’t need to do dig deep into alchemy or make use of the secondary weapons if you don’t want to. That gives for a personalized experience of the game, and leave a lot of freedom in the player.

In summary, great game, probably the best western action-RPG I’ve ever played. At least until i dive deep into The Witcher 3.

Thomas Was Alone (PSVita)

I started Thomas Was Alone long time back, but for some reason I didn’t connect with it. A year or so later, I gave it another chance. This times things were substantially different. The game is no prodigy on any aspect. And I think the quality of the game was magnified at the time of the launch. But it’s undeniable that the level design is really good, with some excellent levels on it. The game is a succession of puzzles with a bit of platforming, where you control several characters (color blocks) with different abilities. It’s through the combination of these abilities how you solve the puzzles. The addition of the narrator is interesting, and it gives a lot of personality to the game. But that’s it, it’s not revolutionary on any level and it’s far from achieving excellence. The duration of the game is well measured, avoiding an excess of repetition of the game mechanics.

That’s been all for this Q3. Now I’m about to embark myself into the highest adventure Link has gone through. And all thanks to Aneesha that got me my new (and amazing) Nintendo Switch 😀

Referendum of independence in Catalonia

I’m incredible tired of this topic. Really. I know is stupid to write about it but I feel the need. Some people has been asking me lately, outsiders to my country, who didn’t have enough information to understand what the hell is going on. It’s difficult to be unbiased when talking about anything, even worse at something like this. So I’m gonna give my opinion first, and if you don’t like it… bye and thanks for coming.

I’m not in favor of the independence of Catalonia. I don’t have anything in special against it (at the end I’m Catalan), I just don’t think that’s the way to go. I believe we should get together as the human race, not split our current countries into smaller ones. That being said, I’m in favor of doing the referendum. People is asking for it. A huge amount of people. And all parts, those in favor and those against it, should be able to go to vote and decide.

Now that we got my opinion out of the way let’s talk about how we got here. But before I start, I want to clarify that I’m not an expert on the topic or the history of our region.

(Very brief) History of Catalonia

Spain hasn’t always been united. Through history, different kingdoms have been part of the Iberian peninsula. After being part of different kingdoms and empires, the region became independent in the 10th century as the County of Barcelona. The County expanded on the next few years, remaining independent until the union with the Crown of Aragon in the 12th century. After the union, Catalonia kept a high degree of autonomy, having their own laws and developing its own culture inside the bigger crown.

Jumping forward to the 19th century, we find the birth of the catalan political nationalism. One of the main focus of this movement was to promote the use of the Catalan language and the empowerment of the catalan culture.

Want to read more about Catalan history? Click here

The 20th Century

This movement found big troubles during the 20th century. Spain went through two different dictatorships during this period. The second one, after the Spanish civil war, was a long dictatorship that lasted for forty years. The level of repression in the whole country was huge. In Catalonia, the government of Franco took away the region´s autonomy and prohibited the use of catalan. They went after the language and the culture, and on those years, it was a risk to even speak the language. I can´t even come close to imagine how horrible it has to be to have your own language forbidden.

After the death of Franco at the end of the 70’s, a democratic system was set up in Spain. Catalonia went back to have a certain degree of autonomy and self government. The autonomy of the region became bigger with the pass of the last few decades of the 20th century, seeing the creation of the catalan police (Mossos d’Escuadra), the High Court of Justice of Catalonia, etc.

Want to read more about what happened during the 20th century? Click here

Current conflict

So how do we get from a situation that was looking good to what we have now? There are lots of reasons for it, but self-government and money are the main things.

Probably, all started with the fight for “L’estatut”. The Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia was being changed on mid-2010’s. The president of Spain at the moment said that whatever was approved in the Catalan parliament would be accepted by the central government. That never happened and it led to an early regional election. That was what started the flame. After that a new Statue was created and voted in referendum by the people of Catalonia, but it had lots of changes, with less autonomy for the Catalan government to operate.

Another important issue is money. The new Statute was supposed to let the Catalan government manage the money paid by their tax payers. Again, that never happened, and the money is managed by the central government. This is seen as a great issue in Catalonia. As one of the most important and economically powerful regions in the country, Catalonia generates a lot of money, and people thinks that we don’t get enough return.

Diada at Barcelona 2012
Diada at Barcelona 2012. For this year’s National Day see this

The fact that the government didn’t approve the Statute of Autonomy that the Catalan people wanted, plus the crisis and other social factors, led the people of Catalonia to take the streets on national day and ask for a referendum of independence. The Catalan government asks to do a referendum, as people is asking for it and the same government is formed mainly for pro-independence people. Spain refuses to do it, simply saying that the Spanish constitution doesn’t allow for something like that. The two governments have been fighting since then, and the scene on Catalan National Day repeats every year, adding new people to the protest.

For the last election in Catalonia, all but one pro-independence party went together to the election. They won, and they promised a referendum, no matter what. Therefore, today 1st of October of 2017,  that is actually happening. The referendum is illegal by Spanish law, but Catalan authorities are determined to do it.

If you want to know more about what’s going, just open your preferred newspaper and see for yourself. I’m sure they’ll explain it better than me.

As for me, I just hope we can solve this once and for all soon, so we can focus and what makes people lives better.

Main pic by Kayla Velasquez

The clever biologist

Alienated by stupidity

My brother and I have had an ongoing discussion for years about the proliferation of stupidity on major Hollywood movies. He has the feeling that most blockbusters coming out nowadays contain scenes, characters or conversations so dumb that ruin the whole experience. Though, I agree that most of those moments are bad, I think they shouldn’t spoil the movie. These decisions, usually enforced by studios, are getting worse and more numerous every year, but they’re not new to Hollywood. Maybe because I’ve been reviewing the Alien movies lately, allow me to use this saga as an example.

The characters of Alien

After this line there are a couple of spoilers of the Alien saga

I’m gonna mention to different cases on the series, one from the first movie, and another one from Prometheus. On the original Alien movie, the infection is caused by the famous Facehugger. The character played by John Hurt finds what it seems to be a crashed spaceship on a planet where they arrived due to an SOS signal. He enters the ship and after roaming around for a while he founds a huge room full of eggs. The eggs are around half a meter tall, and when he approaches one of them, the egg opens. What would you do in that case? Of course, you look inside. The result is the following:

Come here and give me a hug
Don’t be shy and give me a hug

Prometheus is full of questionable script decisions and stupid characters, the most infamous being the biologist. At certain point in the movie, a world renowned biologist finds an extraterrestrial life form in an uncharted planet. As an expert in the field, he decides to pet the cobra-like creature:

Such a cute space cobra
The face of the stupidity

Enjoy it if you can

The Alien producers and writers have proved that you can create dumb characters for 40 years (yeah forty) and, not only be successful, but create a little empire of entertainment products. Maybe we are the dumb ones. But despite all their errors, I still believe they are good movies. They could be better, and it seems like most of the mistakes could be easily solved. But at the end this is entertainment and, though we should be demanding on the quality of what we pay to watch, we should try to enjoy it as much as we can. I will keep overlooking some minor script problems as long as the full movie satisfies me. And my brother will still get angry EVERY TIME 😛

The humility of the Catholic Church

On our trip through Spain we’ve seen a lot of liturgical art. Spain is a country deeply connected to the Catholic Church. For centuries, their influence on the people, the kings and the governments was huge. That makes for an extensive collection of architectural work, sculptures and paintings, that is either in the hands of the church or has religious motives.

Throughout my life, I’ve travelled all around the country with my family and seen countless examples of this type of art. But never before I felt so profoundly offended by it. It is not only the fact that for centuries, we’ve wasted the time of our artists with religious work. But the fact that all this art, specially the one seen in churches in cathedrals, is in direct conflict with what the church preaches.

The intricate work seen on these buildings is full of gold, marbles and other expensive materials. The grandiosity of these very same buildings. The extremely complex altarpieces. All of them are nothing else than displays of greed and arrogance.

This is an institution that says that killing is a mortal sin. But at the same time, in the 12th century, they created a group inside their organization to hunt, judge anyone they considered heretic. That lead to a countless amount of killings. Probably most of these people were innocent.

In recent times, the church has been involved in a  number of scandals. The most notorious being the alarming amount of cases of pedophilia inside the church. Instead of denouncing, the church decided to hide these cases, becoming a partner in crime. That’s just horrifying.

This type of attitude seems to be the normal for an archaic institution that has done a lot of harm to mankind. And we’re still waiting for an apology that we can truly believe. As I found out while writing this post, the pope John Paul II apologized for a bunch of things the church has done in the past. And to lot of people too. But how can we take his word as the word of the whole institution? They keep lying and hiding the atrocities perpetrated by their own people.

The Dark Tower: an impossible adaptation that does some things right

The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed.

That’s how the The Gunslinger starts. The first of an 8 book epic saga by Stephen King. The Dark Tower movie has a really different start. Fans and non-fans will certainly be confused by the first few minutes. Let’s be honest, anyone that has read the books knows that this story is probably unadaptable in a movie format. It’s too complex. There are constant changes of genre. Too many references to other material, some of it from King himself; some from other authors.

Be aware that there are some minor spoilers of the movie in the following text

A re-interpretation of The Dark Tower

The route taken by the Akiva Goldsman, Jeff Pinker, Anders Thomas Jensen and Nikolaj Arcel in the script is probably the only one possible. Re-interpret the original story, reference the material for the fans and just touch wood. The problem is that this interpretation of the material is not the best possible.

There are a number of changes that are more or less fortunate. For example. the idea of using Jake’s point of view is not bad at all. It gives an even more mythical aura to Roland and Walter. It also accompanies the viewer as an outsider to this complex world. On the other hand, taking concepts and ideas from the whole saga to present it on the movie is not the best. We’re talking about a literary world that expands over more than 4,000 pages – And a movie that barely gets over the 90 minutes mark. This adds complexity to the movie, making it difficult to understand to the newcomers. I can imagine someone going to the cinema and not understanding anything.

The Gunslinger and his nemesis

The election of Idris Elba as the gunslinger was received with a lot of noise and complains by the fans. The literary Roland is based on ‘the man with no name’, the character played by Clint Eastwood in the ‘Dollars Trilogy’. I tend to not care so much about this things. It is true that the character is clearly described as a white man with light eyes. And that the eyes of the gunslinger is a recurrent topic through the saga. But to be honest, who cares? Elba does a magnificent work. He takes his role very seriously and plays it really well. The way he looks, his ‘poker face’, etc. gives the character much needed old school vibe. My only complain regarding Roland, is that the writers have changed Roland’s motivation. As much as he hates Walter, he is always true to his mission to save the tower, what is not depicted that way on the movie.

The Dark Tower - Walter o'Dimm
Walter o’Dimm, the man in black

And speaking of the devil. Matthew McConaughey. does a great job portrays Walter o’Dimm. If I have to guess, McConaughey had a great time with his his role. On the movie, Walter is a wicked character who rejoices in his own evil. This is really well shown on screen multiple times. He’s acting on the movie has been criticized by the press, but couldn’t disagree more.

Lastly Jake, portrayed by Tom Taylor, sees his role expanded compared to the novels. But, though we follow him through most of the movie, his character stays on the background, being most of the time and spectator of the action.

Now that I mention action, the movie has its quota of action scenes, some of them depicting to perfection how us readers imagined the gunslinger in action. The problem comes at the end of the movie. I’m pretty sure that the last 10 minutes of the movie are full of ‘studio decisions’. I’m not gonna get into details, but in my opinion is awful and stupid. It’s something that we’ve been seeing for a while on blockbusters. They try to make and spectacular ending with, usually, bad (or plain dumb) results.

Easter eggs for the fans

Being a fan of The Dark Tower myself, I was able to accept the fact that this is no adaptation of the books, and I was able to enjoy the movie for the most part. I think there is true love for the original material in the people that worked on the movie. There are dozens of references to the books scattered through the movie, that I’m sure a fan will enjoy. But I’m also aware of the issues that the movie has, and I doubt that it will be a massive success.

The Dark Tower - All hail the Crimson King
There are a number of references to topics that are not discussed on the movie

In my opinion, the reviews have been very unfair, with a current 18% in Rotten Tomatoes. I believe The Dark Tower movie could move around the 6-6.5 out of 10. It’s an entertaining movie and something different to what people is used to see as fantasy on the big screen. Let’s see if they solve some of the issues in the hypothetic sequel.


Nowadays American TV produces probably more than a couple hundreds TV shows. That, unfortunately, makes really interesting or high quality shows to go unnoticed. Justified is one of those. The series follows the ‘adventures’ of Rylan Givens, an old school US Marshall who goes back to his native Kentucky, and his counterpart, a criminal named Boyd Crowder.

I don’t really remember how I came to know about the show, but I’m really glad I did. One of the main reasons, if not the main one, is Boyd Crowder. The character portrayed by Walton Goggins, is nothing short than brilliant, and it’s played by the actor magnificently. Funny enough, the character was supposed to die at the end of the first episode, but the chemistry between Rylan and Boyd was so good, that the producers decided to keep him in the series.

Boyd Crowder thinking with the Bible on his hands

But what makes the character fascinating? For me, the way he talks is a big plus. Not only he has some of the coolest lines if heard on TV, he just talks different. This half criminal, half preacher, who defines himself as an outlaw, as it we were watching a western, it’s incredibly eloquent. And, as he loves his own voice, he decorates every sentence, making an amazing use of language. Big thumbs up to the writers of the show, and to the actor. Goggins makes a great use of pauses, and sometimes emphasizes words or even syllables, making a perfect delivery, full of character.

The writers even allowed themselves to make a comment on how he talks (probably more but this one stuck with me:


Boyd not only has his silver tongue. This redneck outlaw demonstrates once and again his intelligence. That, combined his survival instincts, allows him to navigate through a world of crime and violence. Something that differentiates Crowder of the other villains and criminals seen on the series is that, despite his bad luck, he always goes ahead of everyone else. Other criminals in the series are short sighted, they’re not able to see beyond. That’s obvious specially on the ‘local criminals’. Boyd seems smarter, more educated and less impulsive.

Another interesting trait of the character is his relationship with some characters like Ava and Raylan. Ava is his brothers former wife and Boyds girlfriend (weird…). And thought it seems that Boyd truly loves Ava, there is this thing, a sense of unpredictability in his behaviour, that made me doubt of his real intentions. With Raylan there is a weird brotherly love-hate relationship that works really well during the whole series. At the end, one character can’t properly work by himself, it needs of relationships with others to build his own story.

To wrap things up, I would like to say, give it a chance to the series. Just Walton Goggins character and his performance are worth a try.


Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

My experience with ludonarrative dissonance

Have you ever played a game where narrative and gameplay seemed to be somehow disconnected? Maybe even in conflict with each other? That’s exactly what Clint Hocking was talking about when he coined the term ludonarrative dissonance in 2007.

I’ve come across this kind of phenomenon a few times in the last few years. Hocking found it Bioshock. And I recently found it in, at least, 3 games. Those games are Tomb Raider (reboot), Metal Gear Solid 3 and Uncharted 4.

There are some minor spoilers on the following text about those 3 games.

Tomb Raider

The Tomb Raider reboot launched in 2013 is a fantastic videogame. To restart the saga by Crystal Dynamics is clearly inspired by the Uncharted saga, though, in my opinion, it improves the formula giving some moments of pause, more exploration (some but not much) and a higher level of freedom. Being a reboot, the team decided to start over with Lara’s story, giving us a character that is living it’s first adventure. To make that point clear, they show us a Lara Croft fragile and naive, that sees herself forced to fight and kill. Is in this first killing where they show us how bad Lara feels, how terrible it is for her.

Ludonarrative dissonance - Lara Croft first killing in Tomb Raider
Lara Croft first kill in Tomb Raider

After this little cut scene you take control over Lara again, and in less than 30 minutes you find yourself killing like there is no tomorrow. Through cut scenes and dialogues, the game continues to emphasize the fragility and how disturbing the whole situation is for the character. But it fails, as it is not consistent with the gameplay, and we can even say it’s in conflict with it.

Metal Gear Solid 3

I have a complicated relationship with the Metal Gear saga. I love the games, they’re stories, game design, etc. but I profoundly hate it’s control and camera. Every time I land my hands in one of the Metal Gears is a struggle that takes me a few hours to enjoy. I’m saying all this because the kind of dissonance that I’ve found playing Metal Gear Solid 3 might be my fault.

Though its topic, setting and narrative, the game tricks me into believe I have to be extremely cautious, like playing an espionage simulator. The problem comes when you try to play like that. The game doesn’t give you tools to do it. The control is completely arcade. I found myself repeating a million times that last fight of the game. Trying different strategies, being careful. At the end, I realized I only had to run constantly and be extremely aggressive.

Ludonarrative dissonance - The epic battle with The Boss
The epic battle with The Boss

There is nothing wrong with that and the game is truly awesome. But for whatever reason, I feel that the gameplay is not true to the game setting. Never heard complains about this so maybe it’s just me.

Uncharted 4

The Uncharted saga has been always an example of ludonarrative dissonance. Nate, Sully and company are truly charismatic characters, and it’s really difficult (for me) not to like them. But if you pay attention to the gameplay, you’ll see that it suffers of the same issue as the Tomb Raider reboot.

On the fourth game in particular, there is a scene that where this comes to light very clearly. On the last third of the game, you find yourself confronting Rafe Adler and Nadine. Sam is pointing at Nadine and Nate intervenes to save her life. By this point in the game, you have easily killed 300 enemies with Drake, what makes the situation a bit odd.

Ludonarrative dissonance - The "Don't do it Sam" moment is a bit odd
The “Don’t do it Sam” moment is a bit odd

At Naughty Dog, they’re aware that their saga has been related to this topic several time, so they added a trophy to U4 called “ludonarrative dissonance” that you get after killing 1,000 enemies. You can’t say they don’t have a good sense of humor.

Is ludonarrative dissonance a problem?

In my opinion, is not. But I also going to say that is not ideal. Videogames are game first, and gameplay mechanics should be (in most cases) the core of the product. Making an action-adventure game where the “hero” only kills a couple of people would make the game incredibly short or boring. That doesn’t mean that game creators should ignore this. Videogames is a young medium, and there’s a lot of progress to be made.

Wins & Fails of Q2 2017, Q3 goals

Here I go again. I made this list last April, and I’m going to go through it to see how I’ve done. This helps me see what I can and can’t do, and also put a little pressure on myself to keep going and not let myself go. So, let’s get to it:

  • Manage my time better: I suck at time management. I think I’ve even gotten worse through the last three months. Not happy at all with this. Big Fail
  • Develop at least one game prototype: have I ever told you that I’m not very smart? Let’s see, I started a new and exciting project. A little puzzle-adventure game that I think looks pretty good so far. But I committed a few mistakes that had led me to not finish it. The first mistake was to do it in Unity. Unity is a wonderful tool but it’s not easy. There’s lots of technical stuff to deal with and, to be honest, I don’t have the time nor the knowledge and patience to deal with it. On top of that, on mid May there was this game jam going on, and I decided to participate. So, to make it clear, while I was struggling with one project I started another one. After that Ramadan came and my brain was already fried so I haven’t done anything in the last month. Silly fail
  • Do a web project with a JS library / PHP framework I’m new to: I haven’t created a full project, but I have experimented with a couple of things. I started the EmberJS tutorial, what made me question the way we do things on this industry. Also made some silly “instastories” mini webapp. That made me learn to use the javascript camera API. I’m gonna be good and give myself a little Win
  • Getting my #*!$ driving license: finally! And I got a car! WIN
    Me and my car
  • Again with the exercise routine: I haven’t been back to the gym on a daily routine, but  I have started a new one with yoga. I go once or twice a week with Aneesha. It’s pretty good and it surely makes my body work way more than running on the treadmill or doing some cycling. I’m half happy with it, but I think i could complement it with some extra gym time. Win (for now)

Now that I’ve gone through my objectives for Q2, I’m going to set some for Q3. To be honest, I don’t want to be ambitious at all this time. I feel like I’m aiming for too much, specially when it comes to develop stuff. I’ve been struggling with doing coding related stuff, as my mind is a bit tired by the time I can really get to work on my side projects. Also I have a really nice, long holiday planned on August so I won’t be able to do anything for 3 weeks. With that said, let’s do the list:

  • Manage my time better: as I said last April, this is more of a general purpose thing. I want to improve. but so far is not going well. Let’s see
  • Continue working on my Unity project: I wish I can say I hope to finish it, but I think is going to be impossible. At least I would like to make good progress and have something that people can try.
  • Keep my exercise routing going: I’m happy with where I am right now. If I can add to it one or two days of some gym stuff that would be awesome.
  • Keep learning web development stuff: a good thing would be to dive deep in ES6, the last javascript specification.

That’s all for today. O’ll come back to this post at the beginning of October. BTW, the main picture is from our holiday in Budapest, wonderful city

Javascript code on a text editor

Using cannons to kill mosquitoes

Believe it or not, my first job after university was as a web designer, working on websites for the department of labor of the Catalan government. Since then, I’ve been a web developer, working for a couple of companies, plus some time as a freelance. Through this years, my profile has become way more technical, as web development has evolved on that direction. Now everything is more ‘serious’.

As part of my ‘journey’, I have to constantly learn new stuff. The last couple of weeks I’ve been doing some tutorials of something called EmberJS. EmberJS is one of the three major modern Javascript libraries/frameworks (the older and the minor of the three), being the other two ReactJS and Angular. For those of you that don’t know what Javascript is, it’s a language that allows developers to add bigger and more complex interactivity to websites. When you click on a link and a popup ‘flies’ from the side while the rest becomes dark – Javascript. Anyway, I decided to have a look at Ember as it is what they use at Unsplash (I think they’re moving to React now…), one of my favorite websites.

The thing is, once I got into it and just having explored the surface, I find difficult to understand why to use Ember on a project. Yes, it’s really cool. Yeah, I know it has lots of features. And yes, the people behind it is way (WAY) smarter than me. I’m not saying is not good, but I think we have lost perspective on web development. Using Ember on an average website to do a couple of things is unnecessary.I’m not saying these libraries are not good. They have amazing features and for complex tasks, they can be very useful. But using one of these on a simple web/e-commerce site doesn’t make sense on 90% of the cases. Is like buying a Ferrari to go around your neighborhood at 40 km/h. You may think you look cool, but is a stupid thing to do.