Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Fallen Kingdom and the future of Jurassic World

Have you watch Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom already? Well, I wish I had to tell you to run to your closest cinema but that’s not the case. It is, no doubt, an enjoyable film with some really good moments. I think J.A. Bayona has done a great job and his visual style and narrative works great with a production of this caliber. But in the end, we are watching a pseudo-remake of The Lost World, as it happened with Jurassic World and the first entry of the saga. There is absolutely nothing in the script that makes up for seeing a repetition of situations and overall plot. It’s on the script where we can find all the big issues of the movie, and this is becoming a (bad) habit for the series.

My problem with the  current state of the franchise

You see, I’m a huge Jurassic Park fan. The first and second movies are amongst my all time favorite. This new movies are very entertaining but they don’t bring anything new to the franchise. We are seeing a repetition of themes and situations.

It’s very clear to the public that playing “to be God” with genetics is very dangerous. And yes, we know that velociraptors are very smart and lethal. Now, by the fifth movie I would expect to have seen some consequences to playing this game, but the truth is we haven’t seen anything. The main problem is that the premise of the series can’t go much further. You can destroy a park by an accident or by the characters arrogance once (ok, twice…). And same applies about going back to the island to save dinosaurs from an external menace.

The future of Jurassic World

[Minor spoilers of Fallen Kingdom]

The original book sets a much more interesting option, as we discover that some small dinosaurs have been getting out of the island hidden in the boats that go to the mainland. In Fallen Kingdom we get to the same point by the end of the movie, but in a disappointing way. Yes, dinosaurs are now on the mainland but the most dangerous and interesting species (Raptor, T-rex) are alone with no possibility of reproduction. In my opinion that leaves a very limited setting to work with, and I’m not sure of what we will see in the next sequel. It looks like we will be following some of the characters trying to collect the lost dinosaurs and bringing them to a new sanctuary. So basically we would go back to the end of The Lost World.

To be honest, after this long and the clear exhaustion of the original premise, I would take everything one (or 10) steps further. I would make everything go out of control, with dinosaurs spreading over the mainland and humans fighting for survival in a changed, dangerous world. Of course a setting like this can easily give birth to an absolute pile of crap, but at least it would be different.


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