Good fail

For a few weeks, if not months, the idea of participating on a game jam has been in my mind. My friend Jordi has been doing it for a few years now, and I have the feel that it’s been very positive for him. It has helped him develop his abilities as a designer, has boosted his creativity and has helped him to be productive and try lots of different things. For those who don’t know who Jordi is, he is the founder, game designer, writer, lead programmer (and more) at Deconstructeam. And their first commercial game was born on a game jam – Gods Will Be Watching.

So, a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that the Adventure Game Jam was starting. This jam is a two weeks competition where you have to develop an adventure game. It seemed like a good opportunity to me, so I subscribed. The competition ended last Friday and, what can I say? I failed. Big time. I’m not even close to finish the little adventure I started. I didn’t prepare at all for this competition and I had a number of social commitments I couldn’t cancel. Plus, you know, a full time job (and it’s also coding…).

But even failing at it, I have to admit it feels like a good fail. Though I didn’t accomplish what it was intended, I’ve learned a number of things about game development and about myself. I discovered that:

  1. I can be creative under pressure.
  2. My Photoshop skills are better than I thought.
  3. My web development knowledge can be handy in some situations.
  4. Developing tools can be fun.
  5. Working with limitations is a good thing. It keeps you focused and makes you scope the project better (I say this like I finished the project…).

With that in mind, I’ll keep working on this little game for a couple of weeks. I can’t promise I’ll finish on that time. Currently, I’m struggling a bit combining a full time web developer job and game development (and a life :P). But I feel like this few days of “failed” game jam are very valuable. I hope to participate in other competitions in the future and continue learning as much as I did on this.

4 thoughts on “Good fail”

  1. Glad to see you joined the Game Jam ranks! First rule of scoping for these events (and usually for most personal projects):

    Think small, then smaller.

    I hope you finish this small adventure game!

  2. I think you’re doing great baby! Keep going, that’s important. (As you always tell me :p) Love you and super massively proud of you ❤

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