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The turntable series: Pau, giant ninjas and more

Here there’s a list of the music I’m enjoying lately. I will post regularly my new discoveries and albums I think are worth listening to. Also if you want, you can have a look to my small (but growing) Bandcamp collection here.

Rodrigo y Gabriela – Rodrigo y Gabriela

You know when you see something recommended online several times but there is something about it that doesn’t quite fit? That’s what happened to me with Rodrigo y Gabriela. That name was telling me not to listen to it. But recently I was exploring Bandcamp (my new obsession) and I came across them so I said: why not?

Well, it turns out that the hype with this Mexican duo was completely justified. They are excellent musicians. And more importantly (for me), they have an original sound. They are a classic guitar duo but they have stated that some of the their biggest influences are Metallica and Led Zeppelin. So their sound is not classic guitar nor rock or metal, and it’s all of it at the same time. Really cool.

Pau Vallvé – Abisme Cavall Hivern Primavera I Tornar

I’ve been a big fan of Pau for a long time. He is my favorite Catalan artist by far. He is a great songwriter and music in general. He plays multiple instruments what I think influences a lot his music as he tends to experiment with multiple layers of sound. And well, the influence of Radiohead and similar artists is obvious, but he has developed his own sound.

I believe music is an universal language and though his lyrics are good, the fact that they are in Catalan shouldn’t be a barrier for anyone to enjoy what he does. By the way, there are videos of him using a looper that are really cool.

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra – Broken Lines

Ben Weinman from The Dillinger Escape Plan and Brent Hinds from Mastodon together? I’m in! The first single sounded a bit strange as it didn’t sound like a combination of what this guys have been doing, it was something completely different. But when the album finally came out, I started to see what made the band great. And after listening to the album a several times I started to notice a Dillinger riff there, a Mastodon touch on this other song. When I finally realised I was completely ‘hooked’ to the album.

Twelve Foot Ninja – Outlier

This band was my big music discovery from last year. These Australians are brilliant, and their music is influenced by so many genres that you never know what your gonna get with the next song. Last August they launched their second album that, honestly, blew my mind. Songs like “One Hand Killing”, “Point of You” or “Monsoon” are outstanding and completely different of their tracklist neighbours.

I saw an article on Metal Injection where they were being called “the kings of weird”. Pretty accurate if you ask me. And I like weird refreshing music more than anything else. By the way, their first album called Silent Machine it’s also excellent and worth listening to.

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