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My objectives for Q1 2017

When I decided to build my own website, I thought it’d be a good idea to set quarterly objectives for myself (not necessarily related to the web). I’ve seen other people doing it, and it seems useful for them to keep track of what they want to do and what they accomplish. So you can expect a post every three months doing a little review of the previous quarter and new objectives for the new one. Let’s see what I have for Q1 2017 😀

  • Build a website: technically, I accomplished this already. I bought the domain yesterday and setting up a WordPress hasn’t exactly been a lot of work. But I plan to do some work on the web, add new plug-ins to improve it, etc. Also I plan to build my own theme from scratch. Let’s see how that goes.
  • Start an exercise routine and stick to it: honestly, shouldn’t be difficult. I did it last year and it worked well until I got injured. Stupid leg 🙁 Anyway, I wanna go to the gym thrice a week (at least). I don’t have any particular target in mind, just get my legs to work and lose some weight. No hurry with this.
  • Blog once a week: No need to say anything else here, right?
  • Finish my Unity Prototype: Most people doesn’t know but I’ve been working on a shoot’em up prototype in the last few months. It’s been a tough experience in general. Had a lot of issues with Unity but I’m close to accomplishing what I wanted: a prototype that may be shitty but can be played from start to finish.

    Shmup boss demo
    That’s a non-finished boss. I think the routines are quite good 🙂
  • Build my first prototype with Game Maker Studio: my experience with Unity hasn’t been great so I’m gonna try GMS. I’m excited about this.
  • Getting my #*!$ driving license: I really need to do this. No more excuses. I’m 31 for god’s sake!

So yeah, that was my list. In three months I’ll come back and see how many I’ve done and how many I failed miserably 😀

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