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Digital nomads: travel as a lifestyle

Around five years ago, I came across this blog called (it’s in Spanish and fairly different to what it is now). It was this “crazy” guy that quit his job at Microsoft (in Seattle’s HQ) to travel the world. I got really interested, read a lot of his posts and wondered how that kind of life would be. I mean, nowadays it doesn’t seem impossible to make your living online. No matter if it’s as a freelancer, working for a company that allows you to be anywhere or with your own online business. On the middle of all this reading and wondering, I moved to Dubai, made big changes in my life and kind of forget about it.

Digital Nomads

It hasn’t been until recently, when Aneesha started talking about the digital nomads thing. We talked about it and I found out that it was basically the same that Ángel (the guy who quit Microsoft) had been doing for the past few years. This made the idea grow again in my head and we started to look seriously into it. We signed up for a digital nomads group in Facebook. The group is full of people doing it or in the process of becoming a digital nomad. We’ve been reading blog posts about it. We’ve found out of digital nomads that are successfully doing it, traveling through Asia, Europe or the Americas and having a great time. We’ve also read about people that have failed. People that has been doing it for a while and had enough. Every person has it’s own story to tell. But I would say that the common message is this: no matter how it turns out, it is worth it.

Now, a concept of living in the road it’s something very “alien” for most of us. Becoming a nomad in the 21st century doesn’t seem to be the norm. It goes against everything we’ve been told by the system and the people in our environment: be safe. Get a good job. Get a house. Have kids. Do the right thing. What everyone does.

Thank god (or universe or whatever), my parents are not that way. They have taught me to look at every possibility, to question everything and to think things through. And the thing is, I have no major interest in a common life. Where’s the fun in that?

Yup, I want to be one of those crazy people

So now that I’ve told you all that, yes, I’m seriously looking into it. I feel life has way more to offer than a grey 9 to 5 work in an office. I’m not lying to myself and I’m not trying to lie to you. I might fail. It’s actually the most probable. But I’m not alone in this and failing seems less possible and less important.

It’s gonna take a while until we are able to do this. We need to plan, we need to save some money, and we need to sort a bunch of things. We’re aiming to mid 2020. It won’t be easy but I’m sure it’ll be a once in a lifetime experience.

BTW, the photo is by Atlas Green, check his work at Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Digital nomads: travel as a lifestyle”

  1. Personally, I’ve a lot of the time for the lifestyle and stated aims, but it’s hard not to be cynical a tad.

    For me it seems to have been hijacked by the ‘look at me, get rich quick by buying my ebook’ brigade and it’s making it look tired and cliched – when it’s not. Not at all.

    For the right people, it works – well. For the wrong people, it doesn’t. Just like any other tribe.

    Mindset is everything 🙂

    1. The problem with the “my ebook people” is that now it’s difficult to find quality information on the topic. It’s to common to find comments like “what you should do is to open a blog and become a life coach, showing other how to do this”. To be honest, I don’t think that’s the right way of doing it.

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