The humility of the Catholic Church

On our trip through Spain we’ve seen a lot of liturgical art. Spain is a country deeply connected to the Catholic Church. For centuries, their influence on the people, the kings and the governments was huge. That makes for an extensive collection of architectural work, sculptures and paintings, that is either in the hands of the church or has religious motives.

Throughout my life, I’ve travelled all around the country with my family and seen countless examples of this type of art. But never before I felt so profoundly offended by it. It is not only the fact that for centuries, we’ve wasted the time of our artists with religious work. But the fact that all this art, specially the one seen in churches in cathedrals, is in direct conflict with what the church preaches.

The intricate work seen on these buildings is full of gold, marbles and other expensive materials. The grandiosity of these very same buildings. The extremely complex altarpieces. All of them are nothing else than displays of greed and arrogance.

This is an institution that says that killing is a mortal sin. But at the same time, in the 12th century, they created a group inside their organization to hunt, judge anyone they considered heretic. That lead to a countless amount of killings. Probably most of these people were innocent.

In recent times, the church has been involved in a  number of scandals. The most notorious being the alarming amount of cases of pedophilia inside the church. Instead of denouncing, the church decided to hide these cases, becoming a partner in crime. That’s just horrifying.

This type of attitude seems to be the normal for an archaic institution that has done a lot of harm to mankind. And we’re still waiting for an apology that we can truly believe. As I found out while writing this post, the pope John Paul II apologized for a bunch of things the church has done in the past. And to lot of people too. But how can we take his word as the word of the whole institution? They keep lying and hiding the atrocities perpetrated by their own people.

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