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The Lost World is the best Jurassic Park

I’m a huge fan of Jurassic Park. So much that I can say the dialogs while watching the movie in Spanish and English. After the success of the original movie, we have had 3 sequels, and there is a fourth on the way. The Lost World was overlooked when it came out, and it’s usually to hear that  “but Alan Grant is not there!”. And my answer is: who cares?

Before I get to the fight between JP and TLW, I’m gonna take out of the way JP3 and Jurassic World.

Jurassic Park 3 is easy to discard. It’s simply a bad movie and the worst on the series. The return of Alan Grant is insufficient. The characters are insufferable, the plot is bland, and it has the worst kid on the series by far (and that’s saying a lot…). It’s just bad.

On the other hand, Jurassic World is a good sequel/reboot in this era of empty blockbusters. It’s entertaining, it has some spectacular scenes, and it pays great homage to the original movie. But it’s not enough and, though I like it, it doesn’t do anything special.

The Lost World is the best

Now, when it comes to the original vs. The Lost World, there are some things where I think the second movie works better, and therefore makes it a better movie:

  • The main character: when I was a kid, I was very disappointed when I saw that Alan Grant wasn’t on JP2. But now I can see that the character doesn’t quite work as ‘the hero’. I feel that the character is a bit too scientific, he is the common man turned to hero, but for some reason it doesn’t work. Probably is not charismatic enough. On the other hand, I think that the Ian Malcom of The Lost World works much better. He is charismatic, dynamic and it deals better with being the ‘hero by necessity’.
  • The main them: yeah, I know. I love the Jurassic Park theme too. But to be honest, in the context of the movie doesn’t quite work. It has a sense of wonder and grandiosity that works well when it comes to discovering the park. But when it comes to the movie itself, the action, the adventure, I think it feels out of place. The main theme for The Lost World it screams adventure since the first moment it sounds. I think is a way better companion for the images that we see.

  • The supporting cast: A little bit like with Alan Grant, the supporting cast is in general a bit weak compared to The Lost World. I don’t think is the actors, as they are good, but the characters are a bit less interesting. The characters of Muldoon and Arnold are not bad, Nedry and Gennaro are quite unbearable, and Hammond is there as the smiley grandpa with the dark side. Ellie is well portrayed by Laura Dern, but the character is just ok. On TLW we have Sarah Harding, Eddie, Roland and Nick are the main supporting cast. All of them work better in the context of the movie, and there are no moments where you think “hopefully a dinosaur will it that guy”. That happens with Dieter though.
  • The kids: For some reason, this saga has the need of putting some random kids in the middle of the story. And all of them, with no exception, are very annoying. Tim and Lex, from Jurassic Park are probably the more charismatic on the series, but they still get in the middle to often. The character of Kelly is annoying like the rest, but it has one good thing. Except for a couple of (embarrasing) scenes, she barely appears on the movie.
The Lost World - T-rex attack
T-rex attack in the worst possible moment
  • The feel of adventure: I think this is the most important factor. Jurassic Park has the need of taking some time to present the idea, the dinosaurs, etc. It takes a long time to create that sense of adventure, and when it finally happens it is reduced to a couple of scenes due to 3 or 4 parallel plot lines. The Lost World is a way more direct movie. The pace is really good and the story moves forward with ease. After the first 10 to15 minutes, the viewer knows what kind of movie is watching.
  • The Lost World has a T-rex creating mayhem in San Diego: No need to explain.

Those are my reasons to think The Lost World is the best on the series. Which one do you like more?

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