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Wins & Fails of Q1 2017, Q2 goals

Three months ago I started this blog. I did it with a post where I was setting a few personal goals Q1 2017. Today I want to have a look back to this three months and see how I’ve done. Back in January, I thought my objectives were realistic and somehow, easy to reach. I still believe that, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to deliver on all front as I wanted. That said, let’s have a look at the Q1 review:

  • Build a website: I’ve got myself into that little universe called WordPress. I’ve developed a theme from scratch. I’ve tried plugins and done some research. I’m happy with my accomplishments on this front, though there’s still lots to learn. Win
  • Start an exercise routine and stick to it: I wish I could say this is a win but it’s not. I’ve started well at the beginning of the year but a couple of injuries, a very persistent cold and a travel has prevented me from being constant. Fail
  • Blog once a week: except for my 2 weeks of holidays, I’ve been regular on my blogging. I’ve written on a ton of different topics, things that were happening to me or things I was interested in. I believe my English writing has improve substantially. Win and very happy about it
  • Finish my Unity prototype: Done. You have the proof here. Not going to lie, it was pretty painful and the “game” is bad and flawed. But it was tremendously satisfying to finish this project. I’ve learnt a lot from this and I’m confident I can do way better in the future. Big win
  • Build my first prototype with Game Maker Studio: I didn’t even start, and I have excuses for it but they’re lousy. Big fail
  • Getting my #*!$ driving license: I’m almost done but still doing my driving classes. I had to stop for my holidays but I’m only a couple of classes from going to exam Almost a win ok?

Overall I’m happy with the results of this first quarter, though I’m disappointed regarding the exercise. I feel like I had a lot of productive days mixed with weeks of laziness. I’ll try to improve that on the next quarter, as I have a couple of projects that look very time consuming. Let’s have a look at my Q2 goals:

  • Manage my time better: I lose too much time with irrelevant stuff. I would like to improve some parts of my life but I need to stop wasting time. This is more like a general purpose thing.
  • Develop at least one game prototype: Actually I started this already. I’m again using Unity, but I hope this time it will be less painful thanks to what I learnt the first time. I can’t say much about it (I started 4 days ago) but it will be some kind of puzzle game.
  • Do a web project with a JS library / PHP framework I’m new to: being a coder is a pain in the @#$. You have to be recycling yourself continuously or you risk to get yourself out of the market. As someone that has being working on the same project for so long, I find difficult to learn new things as I can’t apply them at my job. The only way of solving this is working on mini projects, maybe uploading it to Github. Most probably I’ll do something on React or Angular 2, but we’ll see.
  • Getting my #*!$ driving license: this time for real. I’m really close.
  • Again with the exercise routine: right now I’m injured on my left foot but I hope I can hit the gym soon. Hopefully I’ll have less accidents this time :D.

Besides those things I would like to continue exploring WordPress development but we’ll see if I have the time to do it. It’s something I’m interested in only partially. What about you? Did you do what you expected on this few first months of the year?

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